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Slide Creation

Create Slides As Easily As Posts.

Forget hard to use, over complicated slider options. With Genesis Church we made it simple and flexible from the start. Using the power of FlexSlider and Posts you can easily create single image slides, HTML based slides and even video slides, no more sticking to one thing or another.

We take your post content and display it directly in the slider, so it’s simple to add a column for the left and right, add a video, even a newsletter signup box, this almost limitless way of creating a slide is more intuitive to admins as it’s how you create your blog articles and pages.

When a user has their mouse hovered over your slider it will pause indefinitely so they can watch a video, read your content or complete a form, even listen to an MP3 tune. This way you get slides in front of visitor’s eyes, but give them the option to read or interact.


Slider With Video

This example shows a title, text, button and a Vimeo video inserted using half columns.

Video Slide

Slider With MP3 Audio

This example shows a title, text, button and a self hosted MP3 File inserted using half columns.

Audio Slide

Slider With Image Only

This example shows an image only.

Image Only Slide

Slider With Image and HTML

This example shows a title, text, button and an image using half columns.

Image Slide

Slider With Image and Form

This example shows a title, text, input form and button plus image using half columns.

Form Slide

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